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An Online Web Marketing Agency in Overland Park, KS

We are an Online Marketing Company that works primarily for Traditional Marketing Agencies and Web Design firms that want to add Local Search to their portfolio of services.

Local Search can be a very time consuming process and many marketing agencies simply can't afford to pay their highly skilled SEO staff to execute the myriad of tasks it takes to manually submit a client's information to the dozens of influential online directory sites.

That's where we come in.  We've developed a highly effective method for manual submission.  On average, one of our staff members can complete a directory listing in 1/5 the time it would usually take.  Using software and acute familiarity with many many directories, our staff works through the process quickly.

Do we ever work for the end-user directly?  YES!

Being a Locally Focused Internet Marketing Agency means that we serve businesses, in any location, connect with customers in their local area.  One common attribute of all our direct clients is that they do business with their customers face to face.  It doesn't matter whether their customer comes to their location, or our client travels to their customer's location.  If their business operates like this, we can help them.

  • Are you a business owner who fits the description above?
  • Are you tired of Online Marketing Company's Phone Calls, Hype and Page #1 Promises?
  • Have you Spent a lot of Money for Online Advertising and Been Disappointed with the Results?
  • Are you Unsure of Where your Dollars have been Spent and Why?
We spend a lot of time helping business owners and marketing managers understand the different facets of marketing a business online.
So, what will our primary service do for you and your business?
Check out the example below.  We used one of our franchise clients to ilustrate how leveraging the local search directories not only gives you all the benefits of ownership of the listing, but also many many impressions of your brand or business name - check it out!

Do we know EVERYthing?  No. But do we know a lot?  Most definitely!
We're also an Online Marketing Company that incorporates the talents of individuals from all segments of the online marketing world.  If we can't answer a question fully and completely today, we have the resources to get the answers for you tomorrow (or sooner).  Not only can we get answers, we can bring solutions.


Other solutions we provide or can recommend a reputable provider:

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